Fork it Farm: Great Pork Products

Pork from Fork it Farm

Daniel and Kim Croker have established the 25 hectare Fork it Farm near Lebrina in the state’s north. Here they raise pigs ethically and create very tasty pork products.

They have relocated from Brisbane where Daniel worked as a scientist at Queensland University (he has a doctorate in biomedical science) and Kim, who is an agricultural science graduate, was working for the Gold Coast City Council.

Fork-it-Farm-entrance to pork heaven
Fork it Farm entrance

We are always encouraged when “mainlanders” with valuable skills, move here to apply those skills. Kim’s background in agricultural science means that she understand the needs of the Berkshire pigs that they are managing in small batches.

And it is not just pigs that they are managing. They also grow quails, geese, ducks and chickens as well!

Daniel takes on the responsibility of breaking down the slaughtered animals into cuts that are sellable in the retail market and also producing value-added charcuterie products where his academic background really kicks in.

All of this activity occurs in The Meat Shed where they have a commercial kitchen, a butchery area, a cool room where the meat can age and also at the side, the Farm Shop where their pork products are displayed.

The Meat Shed at Fork it Farm

The cuts of pork meat and the value added products are available through their farm shop and they also regularly attend the Harvest Market on Saturday mornings and the Farm Gate Market in Hobart on Sunday mornings.

If you drive the short distance from Launceston to Lebrina to purchase pork products from the farm shop you might be lucky enough to watch Daniel breaking down a pig through the observation window they have thoughtfully provided for the public.

A testament to the quality of their work is that they are now providing whole carcasses to the Agrarian Kitchen Eatery in New Norfolk.

They have a detailed calendar on their Web site then click on Our Farm, then Meatshed & Farmshop) which shows when you can visit their farm shop to buy their meat and charcuterie products. This is usually from Wednesday to Sunday.

Additional information

Street: 311 Adams Rd

Town/Suburb: Lebrina, 7254

Phone: +61 431 862 560

Opening: Wed – Fri 10am – 2pm, Sat at the Launceston Harvest Market, Sun 11am – 3pm