The Truffle Cookbook by Rodney Dunn

Tasmanians have been very fortunate that Rodney (the author of The Truffle Cookbook) and Séverine Dunn decided to move to Tasmania and set up their now famous cooking school and subsequently their restaurant which has become a must-visit venue for locals and tourists.

At about the same time, Luke Burgess, a close friend of Rodney also decided to relocate as well and went on to set up Garagistes which was a ground breaking restaurant, both for the excellence of the food and the fact that is was the first restaurant in Australia to concentrate exclusively on natural wines.

As it happens, Luke is also a talented photographer and he and Rodney teamed up to produce two cookbooks, one of which is The Truffle Cookbook.

Truffle Cookbook
The Truffle Cookbook

The Truffle Cookbook Contents

The Truffle Cookbook provides some interesting background about truffles and the different types of truffle in the first twenty pages and then goes on to explore how truffles can be used in a series of detailed recipes and techniques under the headings of cheese, soups, pasta, seafood, meat, vegetables and sweet.

The cheese section starts off strongly with a beautiful recipe for whipped truffled brie served with glazed shallots. The glazed shallots are a classic sweet and sour flavour to counteract the earthiness of the truffled cheese.

The next recipe is a custard flavoured with roasted jerusalem artichokes which are then added to a mixture that resembles that of a chawan mushi – one of our favourite dishes.

If we thought that that the cheese section started strongly then the soup section also is fast out of the blocks!

A recipe for a chicken broth is paired with dumplings made from beef bone marrow, bread crumbs, seasonings and grated truffle – a perfect combination.

The pasta section an area where both Rodney and Luke share an affinity for making light, delicate pasta shapes roams through various types of pasta and the associated truffle-based sauce. The section includes recipes for lasagne,tortellini, tajarin, cannelloni, stracci, macaroni and gnocchi and each recipe is exemplary.

So that should give you a good idea about what you can expect from this excellent book – great recipes and great photos!

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