Migrant Resource Centre: Perfect Injera

Injera – Background

Outside the Migrant Resource Centre

The Tasmanian Migrant Resource Centre has a wonderful facility at the Glenorchy football oval, of all places, where they run a kitchen and cafe which is accessible by anyone who wants to enjoy the food cooked and served by a diverse range of recent migrants, some of whom have come from the horn of Africa countries such as Ethiopia and Eritrea.

We mention Ethiopia and Eritrea deliberately because some of the dishes from this region are served here and, in particular a dish of the wonderful bread called injera topped with braised beef and other treats.

We first experienced this dish and the sour injera bread made from the grain called teff in Washington DC in 1985 at a restaurant called Red Sea and the version served at the MRC brings back fond memories of that experience.

Injera bread from the MRC
Perfect injera bread with braised beef at MRC

And now to Eritrea! Here we have a dish called Kitcha Fitfit where a pancake is shredded then sautéed in rich clarified butter. It is served with braised eggplant and yoghurt. This is a stunning dish. It is a rich and complex dish yet feels light in some ways due to the absence of meat. It is a great example of a dish where meat seems totally irrelevant.

Kitcha Fitfit on the menu at MRC
Kitcha Fitfit: Shredded pancake with braised eggplant and yoghurt

The Migrant Resource Centre performs a valuable role in the community and is a place we are very happy to support, because the people working here are lovely and the food is excellent.

You can read more detail about injera and teff by clicking on the link below:

Injera and teff