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We were absolutely saddened to hear that Matt Crane died in October, 2022. We don’t know what the future of the business holds. We will miss in his gentle presence at the Hobart Farmgate Market.

Strelleyfield Ducks is a producer of free range ducks run by a former chicken farmer, Matthew Crane.

We first came across Matthew at the Farm Gate Market which is held every Sunday morning in Hobart.

Strelleyfield Ducks
Strelleyfield Ducks sign at Farm Gate Market

We were impressed with the firmness of the flesh (from being free range), we liked the fact that he feeds the ducks on good grain and we like the fact that, once the ducks are old enough not to be taken by predatory birds, they are free to roam the paddocks of his farm near Evandale.

Most of the ducks range between about 1.5 kg to 2.5 kg which is a nice size for roasting.

We also like the fact that we can source offal from Matthew and we have lost count of the number of times we have cooked the duck hearts that he trims and vacuum packs.

We make a marinade based on either one of Adam James’ fabulous ferments (his business is called Rough Rice) or from our supply of high-quality Espelette pepper that we we source from the cute, picture postcard village in South-West France Basque country. If you can’t source the French variety, then try the red pepper condiment from Weston Farm that you can buy at their Pigeon Hole Cafe in West Hobart.

We then simply grill the hearts over charcoal for literally one to two minutes and they are cooked to a delightful pink colour.

We also like working with the livers to make a rich, yet satisfying pate.

We look forward to cooking many more of these flavoursome ducks.

Matthew also attends the Harvest Launceston market and the Farm Gate market in Hobart. He also supplies his products to one of our favourite butchers, Bayside Meats in Lower Sandy Bay.

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Phone: 0439 705 569


You can read more about Strelleyfield Ducks by clicking on their Facebook link below:

Strelleyfield Ducks