Apiece Sourdough Bakery – Great Bread

Apiece Sourdough Bakery – Introduction

Apiece Sourdough Bakery produces fantastic, real sourdough in an unassuming space in an unassuming shopping mall in Ravenswood which is a suburb of Launceston.

Apiece Sourdough Bakery

However it is now on our must buy list for the wonderful loaves of bread, the pizza slices and the pastries that are lovingly made here.

We love their fruit bread and are also addicted to the bomboloni with their citrusy filling and even the iced cinnamon scrolls are decidedly scrumptious!

But it is the sourdough loaves that display the skill and mastery of baking here. The texture is perfect, the crust is fantastic and the loaves stay perfectly textured for days and days, showing that you do not need additives if you do the job properly in the first place.

Additional information

Street: Shop 8, 8 Prosser Forest Road

Town/Suburb: Ravenswood,

Phone number: +61 3 6339 3866

Opening hours: Tue – Fri 8am – 3pm

You can read more about Apiece Sourdough Bakery by clicking on the link to their Facebook page:

Apiece Sourdough Bakery

You can also catch them at the Harvest Launceston market and the Farm Gate Market in Hobart.