Unpacked: Excellent Organics Shop

Unpacked – Introduction

Unpacked is an organic and wholefoods store in suburban Kingston, south of Hobart. They have an excellent range of organic products including fresh vegetables.

The Unpacked staff are always anxious to assist and have pleasant smiles for their customers.

For those wanting to cut down of their meat there are many forms of alternative protein that you can source here.

We will talk about one of the products we have bought here recently because it is somewhat obscure. We spotted some organic black beluga lentils which are grown in Canada. We were eager to try them with the recipe we have published on this site for curried green lentils to see how they compared. These tiny lentils are called either beluga lentils or caviar lentils because they resemble Beluga caviar. There is nothing about the taste of these lentils that is similar to caviar, however.

We found that they did not take quite as long to cook as the slightly larger green variety, and they seemed to absorb the flavours of the curry better as there was an intense curry flavour with every bite.

Another feature of these lentils is that they contain anthocyanins which are powerful antioxidants (although we prefer to ingest anthocyanins via wine)!

We should also mention another feature of Unpacked. They are doing the right thing and do not provide plastic bags for customers. If you are going to buy lentils or one of the many flours that are available bring containers which you can weigh as you enter and the weight of the container is taken off the total when you get to the checkout.

Additional information

Street: 45 Channel Hwy

Town/Suburb: Kingston, 7050

Phone: +61 3 6227 1613

Opening: 9:00am – 5:30pm Mon – Fri, 9am – 3pm Sat, 10am – 2pm Sun

You can follow Unpacked on Facebook by linking to their site below:

Unpacked Kingston

They are also mentioned in our review of eating in Hobart here.