Broadchurch Farm: Great Chickens

Broadchurch Farm is rapidly making a name in the food world with their (Samara and Calum) ethically pasture-raised chickens which can forage for themselves. Their farm is in the dry Broadmarsh valley on the slopes of Mount Dromedary.

We like their philosophy which you can read more about on the Broadchurch Farm Web site:

All our chickens are raised by hand respectfully, we tend to them twice a day, everyday to ensure that they have nothing but the best quality of life. With access to pasture 24 hrs a day 7 days a week (when they are not in the protection and warmth of the brooder) we can guarantee our bird have had a life most birds could only dream of.

Samara and Callum

The chickens live on pasture where they forage for grass and grubs without the use of antibiotics, growth promotants or chemical treatments which are so widespread in the caged chicken industry. The chickens, in turn, help build the soils on which they graze.

Broadchurch chicken
A Broadchurch chicken ready for the pot!

You can buy Broadchurch Farm chickens at the Huon Valley Meat Company shop in Goulburn St, Hobart right next door to Pigeon Hole Cafe and we have also seen them at the Wursthaus Kitchen in Salamanca.

Broadchurch chicken necks
Broadchurch also supply chicken hearts, livers and necks (pictured)
We will be posting a recipe for rillettes made from these necks

We seek them out as often as possible as they are the closest product we have found in Tasmania to the Bresse chickens in France or the Cochin chickens in Japan.

But that is not all they do. They are also producing amazing vegetables such as purple garlic, garlic scapes, cucumbers and radishes.

Additional information

Street: 11 Waterton Hall Road

Town/Suburb: Rowella, 7270

Phone number: +61 498 078 198

Opening hours: By appointment only