Newry Farm: Stunning Asparagus

Newry Farm is a grower of wonderful asparagus that is farmed without the use of synthetic sprays. We buy the asparagus from the Harvest Launceston market on Saturday mornings if we are in Launceston or the Harvest Feast stall at the Salamanca Market.

Newry Farm has also recently been supplying the Harvest Feast stall at Salamanca Market with some excellent rhubarb. They also have striking displays of the long stems of their rhubarb at the Harvest Launceston market which you can see more about on the Facebook site.

Additional information

Phone: +61 458 004 773

Opening hours: Harvest Market, 8:30am -12:30pm Saturday

Street: 71 Cimitiere St

Town/Suburb: Launceston, 7250