Our Mate’s Farm: Excellent produce

Our Mate’s Farm – Introduction

Our Mate’s Farm is a small family-run orchard offering certified organic heritage apples, fresh cold-pressed apple juice and other products including very tasty pork from the farm.

Our Mate's Farm
Friendly Farm Dogs at Our Mates Farm

The apple juice can be sourced from the stall at their farm (see below) or from Unpacked in Kingston where they sell the 250ml bottles of a range of juices with each one being labelled with the apple type that was used to make the juice (eg Braeburn, Pink Lady etc).

You can also buy the fruit juice and fresh apples from the stall at their farm, where you can either pay in cash or do a bank transfer – their details are posted on the wall of the stall.

Our Mate's Farm Stall
Our Mate’s Farm Stall
Our Mate's Farm Stall Sign
The sign at the farm stall
Our Mate's Farm
A organic apple tree at Our Mate’s Farm

The other products include excellent pork products produced from pigs which are given access to pastures and spend their days searching for food to supplement their diet of apples.

The pastures the pigs have access to have not been sprayed with any systemic products, so the apples and the pigs contain no traces of undesirable chemicals such as glyphosates.

The pork pieces that we have sourced from the Huon Valley Meat Co in Goulburn St have had lots of very good fat, hence adding to the flavour of the meat.

We have been cooking chunks of their pork belly in our long running Chinese Masterstock. When we want to use the meat, we crisp slices of it in a frypan and it is always delicious!

Their fruit and meat are definitely worth seeking out – we always look for Old Mate’s Farm pork on the menu at our favourite pub, namely Tom McHugo’s and one of our favourite restaurants Dier Makr where the pork for some of their dishes is likely to be sourced from there as well.

Additional information

Venue: Old Mate’s Farm Stall

Street: 291 Arve Road

Town/Suburb: Geeveston, 7116

Phone number: +61 478 061 881

You can read our recipe for Asian Masterstock which we cook with pork belly from Our Mate’s Farm until it is soft and unctuous. We then cut off small pieces and fry them to crisp them up and add them to salads and egg dishes.

Asian Masterstock Recipe

You can read more about Our Mate’s Farm on their Web site below:

Our Mate’s Farm