Weston Farm: Great organic products


Weston Farm is run by Richard and Belinda Weston where they produce great organic products ranging from peony flowers, to padron peppers, to ducks, to olives and also many types of vegetables using organic principles even though they are not formally certified.

Their organic products are used to great effect in their Hobart cafe Pigeon Hole. They also create a lot of retail products from their source produce including excellent olive oil, a stand-out powdered hot pepper in the style of paprika and a range of jellies and pickles.

Weston Farm Pickled Zucchini Organic Products
Weston Farm Zucchini Pickles

We enjoy our visits to this small, 5 hectare farm on the flood plains of the Jordan River just in behind Brighton.

The Weston’s have accommodation available for people who want to experience their rural lifestyle.

Additional information

Address: Weston Farm

Phone number: +61 3 6268 0063

You can find out more about Weston Farm by clicking on the link below:

Weston Farm