Pigeon Hole Cafe

Pigeon Hole Cafe introduction

Pigeon Hole Cafe is run by Richard and Belinda Weston from Weston Farm. They have recently hired gun chef Peter Cooksley to introduce exciting new dishes.

Pigeon Hole Cafe
Pigeon Hole Cafe

Peter was previously the head chef in the downstairs section of one of our favourite restaurants in Melbourne, namely Embla a restaurant we visit every time we visit Melbourne (although not recently, of course). He then moved back to his native Tasmania and took on the challenging role of head chef of Franklin after the departure of the talented Analiese Gregory.

Given that there is sometimes confusion for visitors we should just mention that there are two places with similar names in Hobart. Jay and Emma Patey used to own Pigeon Hole Cafe until they sold it to Belinda and Richard.

Jay and Emma sold the cafe so that they could expand their baking business which they called Pigeon Whole Bakers which specialises in breadmaking and other similar products such as their excellent croissants.

Pigeon Hole is as much a social scene as a café. You go there expecting that you will know many of the customers – and that is partly because the place is always crowded with regulars who return again and again for good coffee and interesting food.

It is quite small with less than 20 seats inside and a few more on the footpath outside. It sits on the fringe of the city in a residential area where people walk to work, stopping in here for their first fix of coffee for the day.

Pigeon Hole Cafe: The Food

Peter has been introducing some great dishes lately. We have enjoyed chicken knödels in broth, with pickled Weston Farm chillies on the side, a classic French onion soup with tilsit crouton, soupy chicken rice with dilly beans (this is a name used for pickled green beans because they are often pickled with dill) and a delicious chickpea pancake filled with Weston Farm spinach.

Pigeon Hole Cafe is becoming a food destination!

Saturday morning is a real buzz with regulars and visitors claiming tables here from early in the morning. The tables turn over regularly so there is rarely a long wait.

You can also buy bread from Pigeon Whole Bakers here.

Additional information

Street: 93 Goulburn Street

Town/Suburb: West Hobart, 7000

Phone number: +61 3 6236 9306

Opening hours: Breakfast and lunch Tue – Sat

You can read more about the cafe by clicking on the link below:

Pigeon Hole Cafe