Dunalley Fish Market

The Dunalley Fish Market has been sold and the new owners have not, as yet, opened the site for business.

Dunalley Fish Market

The Dunalley Fish Market in Tasmania’s south-east is a perfect place to stop on the way to or the way back from the Port Arthur historic site. They specialise in fresh, local fish sold directly to them by the people who catch them – something of a rarity in Tasmania unfortunately.

They also sell local oysters which are of a very high quality. However it is the fish and chips that draw people here. You can buy them to take away or sit at one of the tables provided and they will be brought to you when ready, nostalgically wrapped in newspaper (they do have white paper lining to satisfy the health authorities).

You order enough for your group and you will get a mix of whatever is being prepared that day. You can expect to find fish such as trevally, trumpeter, flake, flathead and southern calamari. On our recent visit we had very fresh trevally, flake and perfectly cooked calamari along with a pile of very good potato chips.

It always a very satisfying meal made all the more interesting watching a local dog following closely the meanderings of a seal that was swimming around just a few metres from our table.

This is a place that deserves every support.

Additional information

Street: 11 Fulham Rd

Town/Suburb: Dunalley, 7177

Phone number: +61 3 6253 5428

Opening hours: Daily