Pigeon Whole Bakers – Amazing Bread


Pigeon Whole Bakers – Introduction

Pigeon Whole Bakers is run by Emma and Jay Patey who used to own the Pigeon Hole Café in West Hobart.

Pigeon Whole Bakers are in the revitalised Mercury building in central Hobart where they have a retail presence.

They produce great loaves of sourdough, wonderful fruit loaves, spelt bread, crusty baguettes or something sweet such as a bag of biscuits, a rhubarb danish or a jam-filled doughnut.

Pigeon Whole

Their retail shop is in front of the bakery where you can buy stunning pastries or an Eccles cake or one of the beautifully-made loaves of bread to take away. We often buy pieces of their daily quiche offering which makes a very quick lunch accompanied by a light salad made from organic leaves and perhaps some sliced organic radishes from Provenance Growers and some walnut pieces from Tamar Valley Organics.

We like the fact that apart from tasting delicious, their products are made using the best quality organic materials possible.

We also often call in here for a cup of their excellent coffee and a light-as-a-feather croissant. We normally ask for an espresso (as we in most places) and they have a good range of both washed process and natural process beans from a variety of suppliers. We should add that they have recently decided to add an espresso machine for those of us who love the hit we get from a strong coffee.

As an aside, we find that filter coffee is the best style if you want to linger over a cup of coffee and enjoy the aromas and taste to the full, which we do here while catching up on the latest news via Facebook and Twitter. We sometimes have an espresso to satisfy our caffeine craving and follow it with a filter “chaser”.

We recently tried a very interesting filter coffee where the beans we purchased had been roasted by Market Lane Coffee in Melbourne. The beans had been sourced from Ethiopia’s West Arsi region from the Werka station which is a cooperative of some 700 producers.

The coffee cherries had been fermented whole in the sun so that the pulp dried out and could be removed from the beans. This approach called the natural process (as opposed to the washed process) is common in Ethiopia due to the lack of fresh water in such a dry climate. The resultant coffee is almost sweet due to the interesting floral and fruit nuances.

The bread can also be bought during the week from Pigeon Hole Café, the Hill Street Grocer, the Wursthaus Kitchen and the Salad Bowl.

They also have an outlet in the Hill Street complex in Devonport at 48-54 Oldaker St. Devonport.

You can read more about them and the items they have for sale on their Website:

Pigeon Whole Bakers

If you want a takeaway coffee then you can order at the window for added convenience.

And some breaking news! Pigeon Whole Bakers now have a stall at the Salamanca on Saturday mornings where they sell their famous pastries and bread, but also provide snacks. We really enjoyed a toasted sandwich on a very cold morning that had been cooked to perfect “doneness” on slices of their own bread.

You will find their stall close to the Parliament House gardens in the same area occupied by the Hmong vegetables stalls. The toasted sandwiched are well worth seeking out!

Additional information

Street: 32 Argyle St

Town/Suburb: Hobart, 7000

Phone number: +61 3 6380 9893

Opening hours: Daily until early afternoon