Mount Roland Organic Hazelnuts – Delicious Nuts

Mount Roland Hazelnuts – Introduction

Mount Roland Hazelnuts at Sheffield is operated by Elizabeth Dale and Greg Taylor. It is now the largest hazelnut farm on the North West Coast and one of the few organic and biodynamic hazelnut producers in Tasmania.

Mount Roland

The farm is set in a beautiful area under the shadow of rugged Mount Roland at he head of the Don River. They practice various forms of land management that combines the best of a number of different approaches including biodynamics and permaculture among others.

Our experience with biodynamics leads us to the very firm belief that looking after the soil and allowing the bacteria and fungi and other creatures that inhabit the soil to thrive, leads to stronger and more flavoursome produce whether it be tomatoes or grapes or walnuts or hazelnuts or potatoes.

Each year we look forward to April when the new crop becomes available.