Whispering Spirit Farm

As you drive north from Franklin to Huonville in Tasmania’s pretty Huon Valley you will see a sign to Whispering Spirit which is both accommodation and a productive farm.

Turn left and head up the hill. You will soon come to a gravel road. Keep going.

After a bit over 2 kilometers you will see a sign pointing to the left and a short distance up this road you will see a bright red farm shed with lots of interesting farm products including cakes and bread laid out for you to buy.

These products are of a very high quality and the farm is managed organically leading to stronger fruit and vegetables. On the day we were last there we bought tomatoes, peppers, green beans and very good, strong blueberries. They also have free-range chickens (you can see them running around nearby) that produce very good eggs which are also available.

Whispering Spirit Organic Tomatoes
Whispering Spirit Organic Blueberries

Additional information

Street: 11 Waterton Hall Road

Town/Suburb: Rowella, 7270

Phone number: +61 498 078 198

Opening hours: By appointment only