Longley Organic Farm – Strong Vegetables

Longley Organic Farm – Introduction

Longley Farm is a small producer of very good vegetables just south of Hobart, but in a pristine area on the slopes of Mt Wellington where the cold winters help in the production of hardy vegetables with great flavour.

They also have a small farm-gate outlet at the farm where you can buy their fruit and vegetables in season and also other garden products such as seedlings.

They occasionally have a stall at the Farm Gate Market in Hobart on Sunday depending on the season and the availability of produce.

They now are producing a very nice honey which we have seen at Eumarrah in Hobart.

It is well worth visiting their Website to see the array of special tools that they sell to assist with organic farming as well as products to assist with regenerating the soil.

Longley Organic Farm

Additional information

Street: 1690 Huon Rd

Town/Suburb: Longley, 7150

Phone number: +61 427 995 867