Bryher Cafe & Caterers


Corona Update

Bryher has reopened as of the 20th May and are serving some absolutely delicious looking food (think pork & veal crépinettes served on potato mash with a beef broth) – this is our sort of food.

Bryher Café & Caterers is a very pleasant space in George St in Launceston. The cakes and pastries are made on the premises, the coffee is good (supplied by Provenance Coffee), the bread comes from one of our favourite bakers (Apiece in Ravenswood), the pastries, including the excellent croissants are made in-house and the welcoming smile comes from the owner.

Alison Bergner runs the front of house with aplomb while Tristan Morrison in the kitchen ensures that the delicious food is of the highest standard. However all of the staff are equally passionate and welcoming.

You can drop in here for breakfast and try the boiled eggs and soldiers or the excellent croissants or their own bircher muesli. Later in the day you can lunch on dishes such as braised blade steak or maybe ricotta with pumpkin or one of the talked-about ‘bready things’ such as their Rarebit or Croque Monsieur.

Recently we have thoroughly enjoyed a dish centered on a beautifully made crépinette resting on perfect mashed potato and surrounded by an intense beef broth. This was a dish to celebrate! On a second recent visit we were entranced by a dish with two main components. Roasted Delicata squash from Felds Farm was served with stunning späetzle (in fact, one of the best we have ever tried). This was a very serious dish.

Another dish that we enjoyed very much was their Sausage Roll which had perfect pastry for such a dish.

The perfect sausage roll with golden pastry
Crépinette on mash
The daily menu
Some of their producers
Outside view of Bryher Cafe

We think that they are currently serving the best breakfasts in Tasmania!

Additional information

Street: 91 George St

Town/Suburb: Launceston, 7250

Phone number: +61 3 6380 9893

Opening hours: Breakfast and lunch Wed – Mon