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Sash Coffee Sandy Bay


Sash Coffee – Introduction

Sash Coffee is a great place in the centre of Sandy Bay for sourcing an early coffee (they open at 6am on work days and 7am on weekends) of considerable quality.

It is a very small space with just two tables and a bench in front and some seats along the counter in the back. Two baristas attend to the coffee orders using the beans that are listed on the brown paper on the wall next to them. One other staff member takes your order.

The baristas are skilled at their craft and they source very good ingredients. On our most recent visit we were served an espresso made from small-batch Kenyan beans and it was stunningly good.

We have also had an espresso made from heirloom beans grown in the Shakiso region of Ethiopia, the original cradle of the coffee industry and still one of the major players. This is a complex region because it is where a lot of interesting producers are situated. The region is named after a village of the same name in southern Ethiopia some 500 kilometres south of Addis Ababa.

We have also seen beans from the Small Batch Roasting Co and Proud Mary (both from Melbourne and both excellent roasters) as well as offerings from Padre Coffee in Noosa, Single O Coffee in Sydney and Kai Coffee in Warana in Queensland.

They also prepare some simple snacks such as toasties and a nice egg tart accompanied by a spicy tomato sauce if you want a quick breakfast.

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Additional information

Street: 1/163 Sandy Bay Rd

Town/Suburb: Sandy Bay, 7005

Phone number: +61 449 799 664

Opening hours: Mon – Fri 6am – 5pm, Sat – Sun 7am – 2pm

You can read more about Sash Coffee on Facebook by clicking on the link below:

Sash Coffee Sandy Bay